The metal leaf and the gilding are our specialties,
developed in half a century of trials, trouble, changes, success and innovation.

The theoretical and technical study in this field is just a support to the knowledge and the skills gained through learning and experience and handed down from generation to generation as if in an artisan workshop.

This is our strength, that we put at disposal of the specialists of the most different fields to meet all their requirements in gilding: for architecture, design, restoration, art and craft and fashion.


Only a live material, natural but complex and gorgeous as the gold leaf can meet the needs of so many different fields.

The imitation gold and silver leaf and pure gold and silver leaf have always been used for the decoration of picture frames and reproduction furniture but also for fashionable design furniture, for the decoration of artistic pottery and giftware and glazed ceramics and for the restoration of ancient masterpieces.

The genuine gold leaf glitters in churches, mosques and on the rooftops and statues of the temples throughout the world and the memory of the beloved is often sealed with gold-leafed engravings on the tombstones.

Lately we have experienced an increase in the usage of the schlagmetall and schlagaluminum and also of the books of genuine gold and sterling silver in interior design. The trendiest studies of architecture suggest to decorate the most fashionable mansions with leaf-gilded columns, ceilings and walls and also the floors are covered with tiles of resin kneaded with the gold leaf. Two- or four-wheels very fast vehicles and the helmets of famous pilots are often made precious with gold foil inclusions.

In the fashion field, accessories( eye-glasses, watches, shoes, belts…..) worn by Hollywood stars are made more glamour shining with gold powder inside.

And what about the most trendy fashion taken by the tradition of having a relaxing massage, or making the nail art and body decoration using the thin sheets of the noble metal?

The good taste great gurus swear that edible gold in leaf and powder must shine on the best dishes of the famous chefs to rejoice the most demanding gourmets.


The history of Carlo Masserini, the founder of Masserini srl company, started just from his engagement and competence in the field of gilding. Born in a family which from generations had been engaged in the field of goldbeating the leaf, since 1959 he had become distributor of gilding materials and his wide knowledge and experience ranged from the techniques of beating the leaf to the preparations of the special basecoats useful to obtain a perfect traditional gilding; that’s why he became an authority among the skilful gilders who referred to him for help when a technical problem had to be solved In this field.

The next step to establish a goldbeater plant on his own was almost automatic: in 1974 he opened his workshop and began to beat metals, not only imitation gold , but also aluminum, pure copper and pure silver. The Masserini srl company began to produce very very thin high quality sheets of the various metals that would be supplied to picture frame plant, skilful craftsmen, competent restorers spread all over the world.

Year after year the experience and the realization that to achieve a perfect gilding is not enough to get the best quality leaf but the best result depends on the quality of any gilding accessory used, brought to a new outcome: beside the leaf the management began to study the formulation of the related chemical products and soon even the special accessories began to be produced: the bole, the different types of size ( Missioni), the final protective varnishes, meccas, patinas, Judaea bitumen and many more.

After 50 years from the beginning, Carlo Masserini’s heirs keep on the same philosophy of the founder. The traditional “ goldbeater” has changed into a smithy where, starting from the technical problems linked to a high level gilding, day by day new products are created, suitable to get gilding easier, more successful and more ecological and that must be achieved on any kind of surface: wood, iron, ceramics, glass, gypsum, paper pulp and so on.


At Masserini srl’s you can find these products:

Metal leaf ( also named imitation gold leaf, dutch metal, schlagmetall) packed both in the traditional boxes 16x16cm and in booklets imitation gold (also called composition leaf), booklets imitation silver, booklets pure copper and booklets variegated leaf or packed as schabin, abbuestig or tamisè.

Genuine gold and genuine silver leaf in many sizes and carats and also in powder and goldshells.

Products for gilding restoration and art and craft, many types of mixtions ( sizes), final protective varnishes, meccas, patinas, metal pigments ( also called bronze powders), natural clays and powder dyes, resins and waxes for restoration, Judaea bitumen, bole, basecoats and sealers.

Tools and accessories for gilding, such as gilder’s cushion, gilder’s knife, agate burnishing tools. Gilder’s scrapers, gilder’s cotton and natural sea sponges, oil free steel wool, brushes for gilding as well as the products necessary to obtain a perfect gilding result, such as rabbit skin glue, fish glue, various types of bole, various types of gesso, shellac…….